First round training for research staff from PREGART trial sites in Ethiopia

PREGART Project has conducted the first round training on Good clinical Practice (GCP), Good clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) and Protocol familiarization for research staff from different PREGART trial sites in Ethiopia from February 28 to March 02, 2020 at Bishoftu, 45 kilometres south of Addis Ababa. Thirty-five trainees including obstetricians/gynecologists, pediatrician, clinical nurses, laboratory technologists, pharmacists, adherence supporters, project coordinators and data manager participated in this training. At the end of the training, selected trainees with different responsibilities in the clinical trial demonstrated the clinical flow of the trial as a role-play. Trained HIV positive adherence support mothers were involved as trial participants in this role-play. The activity plan and other issues relevant for the successful implementation of the project has also been discussed.



PREGART presentation in Uganda

After the official launch in Ethiopia in September, the PREGART clinical trial was also officially presented in Uganda on 23 January 2020 at the Protea Hotel Marriot in Kampala.
The launch was preceded by an investigators' meeting and was followed by a site visit at one of the facilities where the trial will be implemented, the Mildmay Hospital Uganda.

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Meeting in Uganda

Kick-off meeting

PREGART project kick-off and investigators meeting in Addis Abeba on 14-16 September 2019.

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PREGART kick off meeting – Part 1

Speakers Part 1: – Dr. Eng Fiseha Getachew, Vice president for academic affairs of Hawassa University and Delegate of Hawassa University president – Mr. Girma Eshetu, State minister advisor and delegate, Ethiopian Ministry of Health – Prof. Josephat Byamugisha, SAC representative, Makerere University

PREGART Kick off meeting part 2

Speakers Part 2: – Dr. Shingai Machingaidze EDCTP project head South Africa – Prof. Eleni Aklillu Karolniska institute (Sweden) Principal investigator – Dr. Birkneh Tadesse, Project coordinator Hawassa University – Dr. Jackson Mukonzo, Principal investigator, Makerere University – Dr. Mekdes Daba, Secretary – Ethiopian Society of Obstetrician and Gynecologist (ESOG) – Dr. Eba Mijena, Director General for research and academic Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Ethiopia

Speakers’ presentations:

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PREGART partners

The trial will be implemented in Ethiopia and Uganda by research teams based at Karolinska Institute (KI), Stockholm, Sweden; Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Rome, Italy; Hawassa University (HU), Hawassa, Ethiopia and Makerere University (MU), Kampala, Uganda – PREGART Consortium will be established by the four Universities. Know PREGART partners.

PREGART starts!

Safety and efficacy of Dolutegravir and EFV400 for pregnant and breastfeeding women: a randomized non-inferiority clinical trial. Expected outcomes include generating scientific evidence to support the use of EFV400 and DTG for pregnant and breastfeeding women, generating evidence on the safety of EFV400 and DTG for pregnant and breastfeeding women. PK/PD/PGx data will also be generated to further support the dosing of EFV and DTG during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Read project presentation and work packages.