Safety and efficacy of Dolutegravir and EFV400 for pregnant and breastfeeding women: a randomized non-inferiority clinical trial


Trial Site Technical Support

The PREGART project principal investigators (PIs) and PhD students’ supervisors, Professor Eleni Aklilu and Professor Eyasu Makonnen, paid a visit to…

Amended Protocol Popularization Workshop

The PREGART clinical trial project conducted an amended protocol popularization workshop from March 15–16, 2024. The PREGART Project Office in…

Clinical Trial Methodology and Interpretation – Ethiopia

The Pregart clinical trial project conducted training on Clinical Trial Methodologies for trial staff working at study hospitals from March 20-22,…

Capacity building: PhD and postdoctoral careers in the Pregart clinical trial

Hawassa University PREGART clinical trial project PhD candidates presented their individual study plan (ISP) to the postgraduate admission committee…

PREGART clinical trial in Ethiopia achieved 25% of the participant’s recruitment

The PREGART Clinical trial in Ethiopia has been enrolling participants since May 2021. The participant recruitment was initiated after 18 months of…

Ethiopia Food and Regulatory Authority (EFDA) conducted a GCP inspection on the PREGART clinical trial implementation

The Ethiopia Food and Regulatory Authority (EFDA) pharmacovigilance and clinical trial authorization unit conducted an inspection of the PREGART…

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