Safety and efficacy of Dolutegravir and EFV400 for pregnant and breastfeeding women: a randomized non-inferiority clinical trial


Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Clinical laboratory practice (GCLP) and Protocol familiarization training – Ethiopia

The PREGART Clinical trial project conducted its kick-off meeting in September 2019. However, the trial participant recruitment initiated after two…

Stakeholders engagement meeting at Adama, Ethiopia

The Pregart Clinical trial in Ethiopia has been enrolling participants since May 2021. The project has enrolled 16% of its target as of June 2022.…

Pregart clinical trial situation in Uganda

The recruitment of trial participants on the Ugandan arm of the Pregart study kicked off on the 28th of September 2021 and it has been running…

Update on Pregart clinical trial participant recruitment as of 13th October 2021

The Ugandan team started participant recruitment on 21st September 2021, with a total of 8 participants recruited to date. Prior to recruitment we…

Hawassa University Pregart clinical trial project PhD candidates presented their thesis concept note

One of the Pregart clinical trial project deliverable is clinical trial capacity building in Africa.  Accordingly, one of the project consortium…

Hawassa University President welcome Pregart clinical trial investigators

Hawassa University president, Dr. Ayano Beraso, warmly welcome Pregart clinical trial investigators on September 20/2021 at the president office. The…

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