The PREGART project principal investigators (PIs) and PhD students’ supervisors, Professor Eleni Aklilu and Professor Eyasu Makonnen, paid a visit to the Ethiopian PEGART Clinical Trial Site in February 2024. The purpose of the visit was to monitor the trial activities and progress of the PhD students. During the events, PhD students presented the status of their dissertation work and discussed. The overall progress of the PREGART clinical trial was discussed with Hawassa University’s president. Directions were given to solve the identified challenges of the project.

Supervision team with HU President (Left to Right Dr. Dejene. Professor Eleni (KI), Dr. Ayano Berasso (HU President), and Professor Eyasu Makonnen (AU), Feb 2024 (
Presentation by PhD students in Hawassa University PregART Clinical Trail Coordination office, Feb 2024