A two-day review meeting, September 21-22/2021, was conducted on the Ethiopia Pregart clinical trial implementation status at the University project office.  Most of the Ethiopia trial lead team (Dr. Birkneh Tilahin, Professor Eleni Aklilu, Professor Eyasu Mekoknnen , Dr. Abel Gedefaw , Dr. Dejene Hailu , Mr Siraj , Sintayehu Hailu , Negede Yohannes , Biruk kebede and others ) attended the meeting.  The trial current implementation status, challenges and anticipated risks presented for discussion by three presentations. After in depth discussions, the trial lead team decided to initiate the trial recruitment in all the trial sites, fasten the recruitment process in the already initiated trial sites, finalize the PhD candidate’s thesis concept note, request protocol amendment to respective ethical and regulatory institutions to avoid protocol related bottlenecks of participant recruitment.

Trial lead team project implementation status review workshop meeting at the project office


Ethiopia Pregart project trial lead team review meeting workshop at project office


Trial lead team review meeting workshop at Hawassa University project office