One of the Pregart clinical trial project deliverable is clinical trial capacity building in Africa.  Accordingly, one of the project consortium institutions, Karolinska Institute (KI) in Sweden will enroll 4 PhD and 2 -Post doc students from Hawassa University and Makerere University. Two of the PhD candidates from Hawassa university; Mr. Siraj Hussein from department of Medical Laboratory Science and Dr. Abel Gedefaw from School of Medicine presented their thesis concept note to their advisors on September 21/2021 at Hawassa University project office. Professor Eleni Aklilu from KI and Professor Eyasu Mekonnen from Addis Ababa University attended the presentation onsite at the office while Professor Stefano Vella from KI attended online using zoom. The PhD candidate’s registration process at KI will be completed in the coming two months.

One of the PhD candidates (Mr. Siraj Hussien) presenting his thesis concept note. Professor Eleni Aklilu and Professor Eyasu Mekonnen attending the presentation at Hawassa University Pregart project office


Professor Stefano Vella from KI attending the PhD candidate thesis concept note