Hawassa University PREGART clinical trial project PhD candidates presented their individual study plan (ISP) to the postgraduate admission committee at KI, Sweden

One of the PREGART clinical trial project deliverable is deliverables is capacity building in Africa.  Accordingly, one of the project consortium institution, Karolinska Institute (KI) in Sweden has been enrolling 4 PhD and 2 -Post doc students from Hawassa University and Makerere University with a primary advisor of Professor Eleni Aklilu. Two of the PhD candidates from Hawassa university; Mr. Siraj Hussein with the title “ Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacogenetics of ART in pregnant and breastfeeding women in Ethiopia from the Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Dr. Abel Gedefaw with the title  “Optimization of Antiretroviral Treatment regimens for HIV-infected pregnant and breast-feeding women in Ethiopiafrom the School of Medicine presented their individual study plan for the admission committee at KI  on February 16 /2023. Two of the PhD students from Makerere University are going to present their study plan before the end of March 2023. The ISP is a governing document for the entire education and should ensure that the education is performed, and followed-up, in an efficient way. All the PhD students are expected to complete their project before spring 2026.

Mr. Siraj Hussein Presenting his ISP


Dr. Abel Gedefaw presenting his ISP